Embodying the heart and
strength of rural Texas.

Small, rural districts working together
to prepare and support students,
educators, and communities. Creating vibrant
and successful rural economies.

Who We Are

The Permian Basin Innovation Zone (PBIZ) is a cutting-edge collaborative that bridges Career and Technology Education gaps faced by rural communities consisting of:




Higher Education



What We Do

The Permian Basin Innovation Zone is a Grow Our Own Initiative of the Education Partnership of the Permian Basin. PBIZ breaks down barriers faced by rural communities by taking a collective impact approach. By working together, we maximize student access to robust Career and Technical Education to provide access to college and high-wage, high-demand job placement.

Why We Do It

The Permian Basin Innovation Zone believes that a student’s geographical location should not be a barrier to the quality of their education or their career opportunities. We believe in creating systems that provide access to Career and Technical Education to rural students, allowing them an equitable opportunity to compete with suburban peers in achieving their goals.


Learn how to graduate ready to work in the in-demand welding industry. 


Learn how we are helping to grow our own educators.


Learn about our nursing pathway.

Get Involved

Students and parents, if you are interested in learning more about a PBIZ Pathway, please see your school counselor or principal.

Community partners and businesses interested in supporting PBIZ should contact PBIZ Director Sara Saleem at ssaleem@educatepb.com.

Our Partners

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